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Dana International - Biographie
Dana's Biography

Dana, age 26, was born and raised in Tel-Aviv, in a hard working home. She has a big sister named Limor, a beutiful exotic woman who supports Dana, and she is also her closest friend, and a younger brother, named Nimrod. Since a very young age, Dana knew she belongs to the stage. she performed in municipal choirs and theatres, but then she was still Yaron Cohen. She was a big fan of Ofra Haza, and when she saw her singing the song "Hi" in the Eurovision, she swore she will eventually be there herself.

She learnt at the Ankori high-school and was a very good student, thogh she was more interested in music then in studying. When she was 16 she found outthe gay nighlife of Tel-Aviv, where she met her two good dancers friends Shmulik & Lior Sa'adia who still perform with her. at the same time she got to know Offer Nisim, who noticed her talent immidiately. Nisim put her in a drug crew who made mitations of Yardena Arazi & Ofra Haza (that time most popular singers). the audience loved her very much, and especially the song "My Name Is Not Sa'ida", a parody on Whitney Houston's song.

Dana's success at her performs brought Nisim & Dana to the desicion to record the song, and they sent it to several radio stations, who fell in love with the new single. Dana then recorded a new song - "Dana International" , and since then she started to be called that way. After the first album, came the second one and the third, all selled with thousands of copies. Part of the songs were is the dance charts in the states, and Dana even performed in Los-Angeles, New-York, Miami and also Europe. The Eurovision is yet another move toward an international career.