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News-RessortFebruar 2003
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Chinesische Oper

(16. Februar 2003)
In der chinesischen Oper werden traditionell die Frauenrollen mit männlichen Darstellern besetzt. Aus Australien erreichte uns folgendes e-Mail:
Dear TransgenderNet
I am a gay Chinese Australian visual artist and am at the beginning of researching Chinese opera, for my my costume installation/performance project. As a Chinese, I am fascinated by the great Mei Lanfang, and also by the Hong Kong transgender Cantonese opera/filmstar Yam Kim Fei, who I saw in many a film as a child growing up. While there is a lot of film material for Yam, I have never seen footage of Mei Lanfang.

As my German is very poor, nearly non-existent (other than for singin) I could not make out from your site, if you also sell the video of The Worlds of Mei lanfang? Can you let me know. I would dealy love to have a copy. If not, can you direct me to where I can purchase a copy.

Yours help would be deeply appreciated.
Greg Leong

Leider konnten wir Greg nicht helfen. Kurze Zeit später schrieb er uns folgendes:
Thank you, Kerstin for taking time to answer. Since I wrote to you, I have found some VCDs of Mei Lanfang's performances. Although it would be nice to be able watch the documentary, at least I will now have the performances. You do not comment on Yam Kim Fei, and I notice she is not in your site. I think she ought to be, as someone who for some thirty or more years appeared on stage and in movies, in both Cantonese opera and in "modern" films always playing the male lead. She also lived with her on-screen leading lady Bat Suet Sin (not sure of spelling) for a long time as on/off screen sweethearts - very daring for the time, no one batted an eyelid. If you are interested you might want to check her out:
This site has a short text description
A nice couple of photos here:
And a whole gallery of pictures, first one of the couple together, Yam as a man and But as a woman, very nice:
There are also lots of VCDs of their performances (she is listed as Kim Fai YAM) available through

Hope you find these links interesting.





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