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Autor Badertscher, Amos; Curtain, Tyler; Mezzatesta, Michael P.
Titel Baltimore Portraits
Untertitel -
Ort -
Jahr 1999
ISBN 0822323680 (Taschenbuch, Duke University Press)
(Gebundene Ausgabe)
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In this volume, the assemblage of images of bar and street people---transvestites, strippers, drug addicts, drag queens, and hustlers---spans a twenty-years period from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s. Badertscher's arresting and melancholy photographs document a culture that has virtually disappeared due to substance abuse, AIDS, and, often, societal or familial neglect. An introduction by Tyler Curtain contextulizes the photographs both within the history of Baltimore and its queer subculture and in relationship to contemporaneous work by other photographers.

Amos Badertscher is a self-taught photographer whose subjects range from bucolic winter landscapes to transvestites and hustlers existing on the fringe in his native city of Baltimore. By recording his own participation in many of the photography sessions, Badertscher not only blurs the distinction between photographer and model but of observer and the observed. Regardless of subject, Badertscher's style has a brittle quality that is direct and elemental; in many cases it is also (auto)-biographical. These are qualities that he also captures in his landscapes and abstract images.

In 1995 Badertscher had his first solo exhibition at the Duke University Museum of Art. Since then, his work has been in numerous exhibitions including "Artsites98" sponsored by the Corcoran Gallery of Art. In 1998 St. Martin's Press published Badertscher, a small portfolio of the artist's photographs. In 1999 Duke University Press published Baltimore Portraits, a major monograph of Badertscher's work.

Badertscher continues to reside (and document life) in Baltimore.

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