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Autor Brown, Mildred L.; Rounsley, Chloe Ann
Titel True Selves
Untertitel Understanding Transsexualism
Ort San Francisco
Jahr 1996
ISBN 0-7879-0271-3 (Gebundene Ausgabe, Jossey-Bass)
(Taschenbuch, Jossey-Bass, 2003)
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Mildred Brown - one of the country‘s most experienced clinicians in the field of transsexualism - and journalist Chloe rounsley have written the first book that combines authoritative information and compassionate insight into the transsexual experience. Filled with wisdom and understanding, this groundbreaking guide paints a vivid portrait of the myriad conflicts transsexuals face on a daily basis and the courage they must summon as they struggle to reveal their true essence to themselves and to others. Using real-life stories, letters, poems, and other compelling examples, the authors give a clear understanding of what it means to be transsexual.

Amy aus München hat auf ihrer Homepage eine Kritk zu diesem Buch veröffentlicht:

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