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Autor Alera, Don Brennus
Titel Frederique: The true Story of an adolescent Boy who was changed
Untertitel -
Jahr 1999
ISBN 1584190027 (Taschenbuch, Masquerade Books)
(Gebundene Ausgabe, Delectus Books, 1998)
Original-Titel -
Original-Untertitel -
Original-Ort -
Original-Jahr 1921
Anmerkungen Originally published in 1921, this title is one of the century's most famous transvestite tales. Tragically orphaned, Fred de Montignac was left in the charge of his aunt, Baroness de Saint-Genest. At her command, Fred was taught the poise and manners that were the custom in her grand home. Rechristened Frederique, he was forced into the role of sissy maid and personal slave---a position reinforced by the stern discipline Baroness practiced. This title is of interest to scholars for showing how many of the same themes in cross-dressing fantasy have remained persistent over several generations.

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