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Autor Blank, Hanne; Kaldera, Raven
Titel Best Transgender Erotica
Untertitel -
Jahr 2002
ISBN 1885865406 (CD, Circlet Press)
Original-Titel -
Original-Untertitel -
Original-Ort -
Original-Jahr -
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Anmerkungen Klappentext

A Groundbreaking Collection Celebrating Gender Variation within Erotic Fiction; Bringing together twenty stories by writers of every gender imaginable, this is the first book to celebrate exclusively gender-bending, -crossing and -breaking sexuality through erotic fiction. Whether blurring the line between masculine and feminine, or making the transition from female to male and vice versa, these characters (and authors) had to put on their sexiest, most alluring, heart-racing show in order to make the cut. Including selections from Thomas Roche, Saachi Green, Todd Belton, Simon Sheppard, M. Christian, and many more of today's best-known erotica writers, Best Transgender Erotica follows on the smashing success of the 2000 release, Best Bisexual Erotica. Both anthologies drew their contributors from within the gender activist community, providing a unique and stimulating look at gender issues from an erotic perspective.

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