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Autor Rice, Anne
Titel Cry to Heaven
Untertitel -
Ort New York
Jahr 1983
ISBN 0-523-42063-3
3442442532 (Broschiert, Goldmann, 1998, Dt. Ausgabe)
Original-Untertitel -
Original-Jahr 1982
Anmerkungen Klappentext

Tonio Treschi - suddenly, at the verge of manhood, is plunged into a nightmare, trapped in a murderous family plot, drugged, kidnapped, castrated...

Guido Maffeo - too young to consent, too young to fight, is ruthlessly sold to the marestros, and „cut“ at the age of six...

They were castrati! Those male sopranos whose glorius voices brought them adulation throughout Europe...

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