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The Education of Max Bickford

Diese Fernsehserie hat offensichtlich die Konservativen in den USA gegen sich aufgebracht:

Family-hour Sundays used to mean Touched by an Angel on CBS. Now they mean a weekly date with television's first recurring transsexual character on The Education of Max Bickford.

"Her" name is "Erica," the surgically altered best friend of the college professor title character played by Richard Dreyfuss. So thrilled was CBS with the show's premise, and Dreyfuss' supposed star power, that the network exiled Angel to Saturdays and gave Bickford the long-running hit's choice timeslot-Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern.

One would think the mere presence of "Erica" during such a high-profile family viewing time would thrill homosexual activists. Hardly. In a letter to media outlets just before the series' premiere, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) urged journalists to make sure they didn't "dehumanize transgender people" by using "problematic terminology" in stories about the show.

Among the tips: Be sure to use female pronouns when referring to "Erica," and be sure not to put quotation marks around "her" name or words like "woman" and "female" (like we just did). Also, remember the character didn't have a sex change, but rather is in sexual "transition."

"DO refer to Erica as 'a transgender woman,' or 'a male-to-female transgender person,' " GLAAD suggests. "'Transsexual' may be used. . . . Do not use 'transvestite.' " ("Erica" is not actually played by a transsexual, but by a veteran actress, Helen Shaver.)

John Paulk, manager of Focus on the Family's Homosexuality and Gender Department, called GLAAD's efforts just another example of gay activists trying to pass homosexuality off as normal through collusion with the mainstream media.

"I am so sick and tired of them pushing homosexuality on the rest of us," Paulk said. "The fact is, poll after poll shows that the majority of Americans don't consider it normal and never will."

Gary Schneeberger