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Black Nations /
Queer Nations

Black Nations/Queer Nations? is that all too rare creature - a
good conference documentary. Unlike many films of this genre,
BN/QN? is a remarkable record of a conference, in this case the
first "Black Nations/Queer Nations?" conference, which was held
in New York City in March 1995. Without forcing one to relive
the entire experience of the conference, BN/QN? successfully
captures the essence of this historic occasion. Even if you
couldn't be there to enjoy it first hand, this film gives you
the real gist of the significant themes and topics covered in
this three-day exploration of the diverse and fluid range of
African diasporic lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender

Black Nations/Queer Nations? dir. Shari Frilot 1995 USA 60 min.