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The Colors of Kaspar Kameleon

(22. März 2004) Der Pariser Filmemacher und Fotograf Frédéric König schrieb uns:
"The Colors of Kaspar Kameleon" is a 30 minutes video documentary about the Berlin drag artist Kaspar Kameleon. Kaspar is german he moved to Berlin the 80' where he became some kind of the night life legend. He lived in New York and often travel around the world for his pleasure or for his performances.
He is a very creatif generous and positv thinking personn and such a kamp one.

This film is a testimony of our long time friendship, I used to live also in Berlin and perform with him many times in several cabaret and night club... In 30 Minute we discover Berlin trought the eyes of Kaspar, listening to his songs and seeing him on stage, at home and also with his close friends like Gerome Castel an other transgender who likes to perform and is some kind of a mother for all the transgender in Berlin...

Parallel dazu wird die Fotoausstellung GENDER & ROSE gezeigt. Thema sind Selbstportraits, die mit Geschlechtsinzenierungen spielen.

Der Film erlebt am 24. April in Berlin seine Deutschland-Premiere. Informationen gibt es unter: und Telefon 030-610 73 616. Mehr von Fred König gibt es auf seiner Website