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Haunted World Of Edward D. Wood, Jr.

"My mind's in a muddle. Like a thick fog. I can't make sense to myself sometimes." -Ed Wood

This first feature-length documentary on Edward D. Wood, Jr.
explores just who this man was. He made only five movies. Some
say they weren't very good. But Ed Wood is more well known today
than other, more famous filmmakers who were his contemporaries.
His films are now very popular, and his work has been accorded a
retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. But who
was Edward D. Wood, Jr.? Was he the World War II Marine and war
hero who wore ladies' underwear at the Battle of Tarawa? Was he
the dashing and handsome man who secretly was a transvestite,
attracting the most beautiful starlets in Hollywood to be his
lovers? Or was he the Orson Welles of low-budget filmmaking who
discovered muscleman Steve Reeves and befriended Bela Lugosi,
creating films for him when no one else would hire him?

Perhaps no one else in the history of Hollywood has had their
work so maligned and misunderstood. Finally, we hear those who
worked with Wood to realize his vision, including Maila Nurmi
("Vampira"), Dolores Fuller, Paul Marco ("Kelton the Cop") and
the Reverend Doctor Lynn Lemon.

The Haunted World Of Edward D. Wood, Jr. dir. Brett Thompson
1995 USA 110 min. 35mm
Total running time: 114 min.