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Gay Cuba

Gay Cuba takes a candid look at one of Cuba's most controversial
human rights issues: the treatment of gay and lesbian people
since the Cuban Revolution of 1959. This one hour documentary
takes the viewer through three decades of conflict and
transformation, providing insight into Cuban culture and society
rarely seen. With a dynamic cast of characters, including a
radio show host, a union leader, a drag queen and a musician,
Gay Cuba takes us through the personal experiences of family,
society, political institutions and culture. Gay and lesbian
Cubans tell their stories of police harassment and gay-positive
psychologists, accounts of expulsion from political
organizations and election to political leadership. Gay Cuba
demonstrates the sometimes contradictory and always changing
reality in a society that considers itself to be "in the 36th
year of Revolution."

Gay Cuba dir. Sonja de Vries 1995 USA/Cuba 57 min. video
in Spanish with English subtitles