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Transsexuell Menance

Rosa von Praunheim drehte an verschiedenen Orten der USA die politischen Aktivitäten von Transgendern.

In the autumn of 1995 Rosa von Praunheim shot a documentary that does what few such films are able to do: it explains and captivates. Not limited to a psychological exploration of gender dysphoria or an objectifying study of "freak" behavior, this film attempts to make the technical world of gender transitioning accessible to an audience that includes transgendered and non-transgendered people alike. In so doing, this documentary never sacrifices the integrity of its subjects. Transgender queers describe the biological technicalities of gender transition and discuss the complex relationship between male-to-female and female-to-male queers. In the midst of these discussions, two very important events in transgender history take place: the Southern Comfort Conference for F-T-M's and Transgender Lobbying Day in Washington, DC. These public events don't just showcase transgenderism like talk shows do; they speak with a transgendered voice.

Focused primarily in the U.S., the film features groups from the past decade such as the New York-based Transexual Menace which unapologetically seek to make visible images of women and men who are transexual by choice. Gone are the tragically afflicted men-to-women who mourn what they could have been had they been born in the "right" body. This documentary is about queerstaking responsibility for their own happiness.

Transexual Menace dir. Rosa von Praunheim 1995 Germany/USA 60 min. video

Weitere Standbilder aus dem Film als Quicktimemovie, ca. 800kb