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All USA 2001
Director: Todd Verow
Starring: Eric Sapp, Philly, Brenda Velez
Screenwriter: Jim Dwyer

Synopsis: Completely wacked out film by Todd Verow about a cross-dressing gay guy in rural Maine who inherits his parent's house and finds it possessed.

Review: The cross-dressing Stan, (Eric Sapp) is the shy, awkward heir to a house haunted by his dead parents and all their chotchkes. His decision to live in their old 'haunted' apartment while sorting through their personal affects leads to ghostly visitations, accidental cat murder, bad acrylic nails and the demise of a desperately shrill and connivingly wicked social worker/grief counselor, Lorna (Philly.) Is Stan's only tenant, the repellent hippy Maura (Brenda Velez) trying to drive him crazy or is Stan already there? He has conversations with himself - as a man, he dresses in the same ugly housedress day after day and he either imagines or actually does have sex with an antique appraiser (Shawn Durr) who wisely flees!

An absurdist comedy of supernatural horror and transvestism, Againstis a strange, oddly beautiful and off-putting film that is guaranteed to make you squirm.