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All of Me

(1990, 76 min)
Country:   Germany
Director:   Bettina Wilhelm
Starring:   Georgette Dee

A smorgasbord melodrama of sexual orientations and lifestyles, All of Me follows the tangled sexual relations of a drag queen, his/her female wife and the attraction they both feel for a handsome young man. Orlanda (Dee) is a celebrated German nightclub performer in the torch song tradition of Marlene Dietrich. More androgynous than female, Orlanda doesn't look or act like the typical drag performer, especially when she/he sings tales of misplaced love with a glass of booze in one hand and a dangling cigarette in the other. Trouble brews for Orlanda and his new wife when, on their honeymoon, the both fall in lust with Hubert, a charming Polish admirer. They both do their utmost to attract the attention of the man. Not your unusual honeymoon scenari
o! A film that tries to answer the question of whether a gay transvestite can find happiness in the arms of a woman.