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Casa Hollywood

Dir: Mark Decker (USA, 1995, 35mm, 90 min.,)

At the center of this heartfelt drama is Paloma, the reigning diva and owner of Casa Hollywood, a Los Angeles nightclub that is home to a unique family of drag queens and dream seekers, including the hunky Ricardo, who is eager to make it in the lily-white world of the television industry. Cornered by an unscrupulous mob of city developers, Paloma devises a masterplan to save her Casa Hollywood from an urban renewal project that would turn this pillar of Mexican social life into a Hollywood Boulevard theme park. Loaded with humor and plot twists, Casa Hollywood is an entertaining story that challenges traditional conceptions of family, community, and cultural heritage.


With a heart of pure California gold, Casa Hollywood is the story of a fiery Latin drag queen named Paloma. In the tradition of Joan Crawford and Barbara Stanwyck, Paloma fights City Hall in order to save her Hollywood Boulevard nightclub from being destroyed by a powerful real-estate development company that wants to build a theme-park shopping mall called Hollywoodland II in its place. At the same time Paloma struggles to save her "family" - a colorful assortment of people who live with her in a large apartment behind the club. As tensions rise, Rick, the young man she has raised from boyhood and who is now a headline male stripper at Casa Hollywood, threatens to leave just when Paloma needs him the most.