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Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide


Jekyll and Hyde get a sex change! When slimy stud Dr. Chris Leeder (Jack Buddliner) takes possession of Dr. Jekyll's ancient notebook, he quickly becomes obsessed with the murderous sex crimes of the original Mr. Hide. Ignoring the notebook's warning that the Jekyll and Hyde formula "makes people appear as they really are," the demented doc mixes the potion and promptly turns into..."Miss Hyde" (Jane Tsentas), a sexy blonde in a mini-skirt who just happens to be a homicidal nymphomaniac! After enjoying a lesbian romp with Leeder's secretary (legendary skinflick starlet Rene Bond), and the sadistic slaughter of a drunken sailor (ouch!), Miss Hide decides to pay a visit to Leeder's fiancee (Jennifer Brooks) and permanently cancel the wedding...Gender-bending adult horror, "The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide" is another outrageous classic from the Mighty Monarch of Sexploitation, producer David F. Friedman.

Besprechungen von Amazon-Nutzern:

Yes! Before there was BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA! Before there was MARY SHELLEY'S FRANKENSTIN! There was THE ADULT VERSION OF JEKYLL & HIDE! That's right, its HIDE not HYDE! Because in this ADULTS ONLY version of the famous story by ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON (Author of TREASURE ISLAND and other great books!) the good doctor is interested in the murderous sex crimes of the ORIGINAL Mr. Hyde! When he recreates the experiments he transforms into--(wait for it!)--the blonde bombshell Miss Hyde! Not to worry, this alter ego also has an APPETITE for SEX and MURDER! This is a film that knows what the audiences wanted in 1972 and certainly tries to give it to them! And with this DVD you get the proverbial much, much more! AUDIO COMMENTARY from the producer! Plus neat stuff from the FRIEDMAN GALLERY OF EXPLOITATIVE ART! Oh, and the ORIGINAL TRAILER!

Being a fan of all things "Dr.J/ Hyde" I sought out this curio for the sheer novelty of the thing. It's definitely not for everyone (buy YOU aren't everyone or else you wouldn't be reading this review!!) so the cult-film fanatic will enjoy. Basic story with the good doctor discovering Dr.Jekyll's old diary. That's basically the story with the doc transforming into a beatiful babe about mid-way through. Some masochistic violence (Hyde-style) ensues. Cool T&A throughout. The three rating is for good cult-film style fun, with 1 star for "Ms.Hide"?

This is a slap comedy but very funny.
The lead Actors who play, Robert and the She-Robert are great.
This movie has some actors who are far from, "GOOD". But the lead
actors are well casted. Stephanee LaFleur "MAKES" this movie. She is someone who we will deffently see making her way in "A" films.
She not only can act but she can act with her face. Jeff (Robert) has some great acting as well. As far as the rest of the cast we will deffently only see them in "B" movies.
This movie is well worth watching. It's funny and it is fun to watch the He/she Robert make his way through this movie.