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Mister Sister

(1. November 2005) In einem amerikanischen Forum fanden wir folgendes Posting:
Artful Dodger Films is bringing David Gables hilarious romantic comedy "Mister Sister" to the big screen. When a New York drag queen breaks his leg, he convinces his straight twin brother to take his place in a National Female Impersonator competition.

Twenty four year old Teddy and Freddie Stone are identical in every way except for one. Teddy is gay, Freddie is not. Since childhood, this has caused a rift between the identical twins, to the point where as adults, although both live in New York City, they are virtually estranged. Tragedy brings them together when Teddy, a professional female impersonator whose stage name is Kitty Litter, breaks his leg and is unable to compete in an upcoming National Female Impersonator competition whose grand prize is twenty thousand dollars.

Freddie, on the other hand, has just bought his fiancée, a born again Christian and daughter of a Lutheran Minister, an expensive diamond engagement ring and is on a waiting list for an upper East side apartment which he cannot afford. This creates an opportunity for both, and Teddy seizes the moment to convince his homophobic twin to take his place in the contest. Now the poor man's "FAB FIVE", (lead by Teddy?s best friend and Dolly Parton impersonator, Jessica L?Amore), have only three weeks to turn this prototypical straight man into a flaming queen and competitive Barbra Streisand impersonator, without Freddie?s fiancée finding out.

This is a story about growth and character, as Freddie learns more about his brothers world and learns to accept and appreciate him and others for who they are, not what they are. In just three short weeks, Freddie confronts many situations that are foreign to him. The whole gay lifestyle, children with AIDS, the death of a little boy he befriends as well as his fiancée discovering that her future husband is now impersonating a drag queen. MISTER SISTER is the ?TOOTSIE? of the new millennium.