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Leider nur ein Traum: Ludovic als Mädchen
Mein Leben in Rosarot 

Es war einmal ein Junge, der lieber ein Mädchen sein wollte. Aber irgendwie stößt er damit bei seiner Familie und Umwelt auf Unverständnis. Er flüchtet in eine Traum- und Phantasiewelt, voller greller Bonbonfarben und einer Art (Fernseh-)Fee.
Französischer Film über die Selbstfindung, Selbstachtung und Coming Out. 


MA VIE EN ROSE (Sony Classics) is easily one of the best films of the year.
Winner of top awards at several film festivals, it is also the Belgian entry
for the Oscars and the Golden Globes. Todd Haynes directed a marvelous
30-minute film a while back called DOTTIE GETS SPANKED which dealt similarly
with childhood sexual identification. Equally insightful and compassionate
is this brightly colored bonbon told in surreal, fairy-tale fashion. Cute
little Ludovic is a 7-year-old boy convinced he should be a 7-year-old girl.
His penchant for dressing in his older sister's clothes is causing his
suburbanite parents lots of sleepless nights. The neighbors are beginning to
talk and Papa's job may be at stake too. Ludovic is so determined that he
mugs a female classmate so he can be Snow White in the school play. Even Eve
Harrington didn't stoop that low. Alain Berliner, who co-wrote the
screenplay, directs with just the right light touch and sense of humor.
Forget that little girl in PONETTE. Adorable Georges DuFresne, as Ludo,
gives the kid performance of the year. Will therapy make a difference? Will
Ludovic get to marry the boy next door? Will he ever look good in blue? See
MA VIE EN ROSE (translated as "My Life in Pink") to find out.