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Scream, Teen, Scream

It's Halloween and a serial killer with a taste for
full-figured teenage girls is on the loose, but is Jackie de
Palma (Jackie Beat) worried? She's far too busy consuming pizza
pockets and her fey neighbor's Halloween candy and doing bong
hits with her bad girlfriends to even notice she's in danger. A
massacre of a slumber party, Scream, Teen, Scream has it all,
most especially Lisa Blair (Alexis Arquette), a chain-smoking,
spandex-wearing teenage vixen whose fun is temporarily put on
pause when she catches her no-good lout of a boyfriend looking
for lube in all the wrong places and finding it with her best
friend, Jennie Lee Curtis (Robert Ring). No slumber party would
be complete without heartbreak, sex, drugs, too many fattening
treats and a trip to the Ouija Board in search of answers only
the cranky ghost of Karen Carpenter can provide. You'll be
scared out of your seats at the shocking surprise ending to this
all-frills thriller. It's a scream!

Scream, Teen, Scream dir. Joshua Rosenzweig 1996 USA 38 min.