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Lets take a walk into the back streets of London where the pretty boys gather, drugs innocently exchange hands for sexual favors, and the crossdressers slink down the street to a bar named the Fruit Machine. With such a background for a video how can anything go wrong? Oh, but it does!

Eddie (Emile Charles) lives with his mother,a faded beauty who has put on weight, and she watches Marilyn Monroe films on the television. All this woman can talk about is how she could have been a star, but wouldn't lower herself or her standards to achieve the goal. Eddie's father is a dominant man who feels perfectly in his right to beat Eddie for being a homosexual.

Eddie has only one true friend and that's Michael (Tony Forsyth). This young man turns tricks at the baths and after he is arrested for this act, he manages to escape juvenile court and take Eddie with him. The boys set out on what can only be called a modern day Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn adventure in the back streets of London and later on to the seaside of Brighton.

After the boys meet, each with his few meager belongings, they head for the Fruit Machine. At the door is Annabelle (Robbie Coltrane of Nuns on the Run), a very big-boned crossdresser who looks like he raided the closet of Pearl White. He is not comical in appearance, but rather fitting for the character that he is, the mother figure of the Fruit Machine. He tells the boys they can come in as long as they don't drink, do drugs or have sex in the johns. They readily agree and head right for the bar for a drink as they look over the crowd. It is a very diverse group, ranging from leather boys, drag queens and crossdresser to lovely gay boys out for a bit of fun. Michael enters a dance contest that is judged by some of the fabulous creatures of the night. He has very stiff competition from a young crossdresser, but when Michael strips down to his tapered boxer shorts, he has the contest won.

Lurking in the background is organized crime that Annabelle refuses to pay off. The bar closes and Annabelle is locking up. In the shadows a man lurks, looking to make sure that the bar never opens again. Annabelle sees him and after trying to talk to him the man strikes out with one swipe of his machete and Annabelle is nothing more than a pile of fabric and a wig. The killer - Echo (Bruce Payne) - finds the boys have seen him and he chases after them. They manage to escape by crashing a party at a hotel. The party is for the opera singer Vincent Barbari (Robert Stephens) and he invites the boys to his home at Brighton. Meanwhile Michael is caught going through the coat pockets of the guests. His captor, a female, spares him the police and later takes pleasure in his groin.

The boys are followed to Brighton by Echo and he cuts up Vincent's face. Eddie thinks Michael did this and wants nothing more to do with his friend. Eddie is constantly at a nearby dolphin show and later returns at night to swim with them. He feels free with the dolphins and they enjoy his attention. Echo follows Eddie and waits for him at the dolphin's pool. Echo stabs Eddie leaving him under the bleachers for dead. Michael is chased by Echo, only escaping bodily wounds or death by hitting Echo in the head with a boat oar.

Michael moves Eddie to an abandoned bathhouse and the next morning realizes that his friend is seriously wounded. He goes for help only to find that the dolphins are being taken away on a truck. Michael distracts the driver of the truck with the help of a sympathetic female and drives off. Not sure what to do he drives the truck into the ocean. The dolphins swim away and occasionally jump in the air to celebrate their new freedom.

When Michael returns to Eddie it is obvious that the end is near. Eddie is sitting in a puddle of his own blood that has caked onto his clothing. Michael cuddles Eddie in his arms and sings a very tearful "Runnin' Wild," Eddie's favorite Marilyn Monroe song. Then Eddie breathes his last and his soul becomes that of a dolphin.

Wonderland is a touching drama about life and friendship. Wonderland is distributed by Vestron Pictures. The story was written by Frank Clarke and the film was directed by Philip Saville.