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Auch Männer mögens heiß!

Ein Bankdirektor verliebt sich in die platonische Geliebte seines homosexuellen Angestellten. Als die Frau ein Kind erwartet, kommt es zu allerhand beruflichen wie privaten Verwicklungen.

Darsteller: Patrick Timsit, Fanny Ardant, Richard Berry, Michèle Laroque, Jaques Gamblin, Boris Terral, Christian Bujeau

Regie: Gabriel Aghion


Welcome to Eva's, a stylish Parisian restaurant/ bar with a hip gay clientele. It's the favorite after-hours hangout of ambitious executive Adrien, who asks glamorous proprietress Eva (his best friend) to pose as his wife to help him clinch the biggest deal of his career. But when Eva, victim of multiple heartbreaks, is romanced by Adrien's boss, can the ruse be maintained or even the friendship as she and Adrien see their big chances leading in different directions?

Fast-paced and rich in Continental atmosphere, this quirky comedy blends the Gallic themes of liberty, equality and brother/sisterhood into a piquant, frothy melange with just a dollop of sex.