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I Shot Andy Warhol

Yet another Hollywood production will feature a main character who is a crossdresser, according to the May issue of Us Magazine. Actor Stephen Dorff will play the role of blond transvestite Candy Darling in Mary Haron's I Shot Andy Warhol, to be released in May.

The film tells the story of would-be assassin Valerie Solanas who, in 1968, shot famed artist Andy Warhol at point blank range. Warhol survived and Solanas spent three years in a pyschiatric prison. Solanas had met Warhol through her friendship with Candy Darling, who appeared in Warhol's film Flesh.

According to the article in Us, Dorff actually did a screen test, en femme of course, for a role in To Wong Foo... but was considered too young for the part.