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Jack Mitchell

Jack Mitchell ist ein amerikanischer Fotograf, der sich vor allem auf Künstler-Portraits spezialisiert hat. John Lau schreibt über ihn:

We have all heard of someone described as a born writer, ballplayer, or musician, but I would wager that few of us have heard of someone described as a born photographer. Perhaps, this is because one simply needs too many things to make a photograph. However, even though I know that no one is ever a born writer, much less a born photographer, I am tempted to make an exception in the case of Jack Mitchell. For if you know anything about his life, and I don't really know that much, you realize that Mitchell, at a young age, began to make his circumstances into a perfect launching pad for becoming a fabulous photographer, which is to say he worked deliberately at learning how to see what could only be seen through a camera. Even when he was an adolescent, it was as if he knew that by seeing something about others that hadn't been noticed before, and photographing it, he would be able to shape the trajectory of his own life.

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(Alle Rechte liegen beim Fotografen.)